Liking the Creative Struggle

I lost track of where I found this. But, I like it.

Typing in the text for those who can’t see it from the image:

Through this mild and harmless struggle, I acquired a hobby. “How agitated I am when I am in the garden, and how happy I am to be so agitated,” Jamaica Kincaid writes in My Garden Book.

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Chocolate Communication

“Giving chocolate to others is an intimate form of communication, a sharing of deep, dark secrets”. – Milton Zelman, publisher of Chocolate News.

I’ve been looking at chocolate most of the day. Can you motivate yourself to write more, with chocolate?

Don’t Slay the Dragon, Untangle It

Most of us could slay dragons if we had to. We can comprehend the urgency of one courageous, ultimate act. What we hate is swatting flies – dealing with the repetitive everyday challenges of life and work.

Most problems in life and writing aren’t solved by slashing decisively through them. They are teased apart, tendril by tendril, until the whole flows freely.

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