Foodie Pen Pals Expired Quietly

You may not be inspired by this trek through my bookmarks, the ones with linkrot. But, I hope it has some inspiration, interest and something for those who like history too. Of course, they have all of those for me. Why else would I have kept the link?

Foodie Pen Pals had a lot of rules, but they were exchanging food through the mail.… Read the rest

How to Find Penpals (Pen Pals)

My sister phoned, asking me how to find penpals for her 9-year-old daughter. This wasn’t completely out of the blue. I still have a box full of penpal letters I received all the years I wrote letters to people around the planet. I’ve got coins from other countries. I’ve got postcards too. But, I haven’t really looked at any of it for years.… Read the rest

Christmas Day… I’m Remembering

For me, as a Witch, most holidays are about nature, traditions and remembering. It’s a little after midnight, now the day of Christmas. I’m remembering my family who are dead and thus unavailable to be here for the holidays. At least not in the flesh, capable of enjoying the wine, exchanging presents and all of those physical/ commerical type things.… Read the rest


I used to have dozens of penpals. That was a long time ago. These days I can’t keep up with anyone’s life, barely even my own.

Today I’m looking over the penpal letters. I’ve kept them all in a bag. Most are from the 80’s. I tried to get postcards from my penpals so I could see how things looked where they were.… Read the rest

From Live Beta March 25th, 2001

The following is the introduction I had written for my website on Geocities, posted March 25th, 2001.

I’m a Sagittarius, year of the Dragon kind of woman. I like being outdoors, having a great coffee in the city mall, spending too much time in bookstores, traveling around on a shoestring budget, comfortable shoes, Civilization 2, Carmageddon 2 and Caesar3, cats (predatory animals in general), writing, reading, sewing, quilting and embroidery, yellow smiley faces, being on the Internet, publishing online, Wicca, nature, tulips and wildflowers, ascii art, Raggedy Ann, taking pictures but not so much being in them, history, my family, Christmas and Halloween.… Read the rest