Modern Schools Teach Sex and Leave Young People Ignorant

What is the purpose of school for children any more? They don’t seem to know English (the language, spelling, etc), or history, or geography. Schools must (I hope) still teach enough for them to function but ask them questions… there is a LOT they don’t know. Especially here in Ontario. My nieces and nephew don’t … Read more

Ontario History in Rocks

I’d like to read the books by Nick Eyles, about Canadian geology. Two of his books are about Ontario history and places to see for the rocks. Road Rocks Ontario and Ontario Rocks. I have always liked rocks, one of the oldest and most enduring things on our planet. Really, is there anything that can … Read more


Toponymy is, by definition, the place names of a particular region and the study of those place names. It is derived, in fact, from the two Greek words topos – meaning place and onoma – meaning name. A toponymist will look at not only the surface meaning of the name in question, but also at … Read more

Create Place Names

It’s interesting how places get their names. Place (towns, cities, villages, provinces, states, etc.)  names tend to come from local geography or early settlers in the town. Other places are named after something prominent in the area. Sometimes they get shortened over time, for instance, Grrltown becomes Grrlton. How many unique and odd place names … Read more

Hyperlocal, What is It?

I’ve seen the term hyperlocal come up three times lately. I decided to spend some time to find out what it is exactly and how it is being used. Of course, Wikipedia comes up first in the results I get from Google. : Hyperlocal – refers to the emergent ecology of data (including textual content), … Read more