Toronto Fire 1904 Postcard

I have heard about the fire in old Toronto. So long ago (before I was born) that I forget the year. But, this postcard says it was 1904, and this is where the fire started. None of those old buildings will still be standing. The others which survived in 1904 are mostly gone too. The … Read more

Creative Drawing and Journaling

Originally posted to SuiteU, part of Suite101. SuiteU is being removed from the site. I wanted to save the ecourses so this resource would not disappear. Drawing 101 By Joan Martine Murphy Introduction Most people would love to be able to draw what they see. Many people find enormous pleasure in the art of self-expression. … Read more

Are We Becoming Social Hermits?

Our world is shrinking. The Internet was predicted to bring sweeping changes to the way we communicate, to bring the world together, connecting us all as a community over distances. Maybe the changes aren’t working for everyone. Have you noticed there seem to be more cases of shut ins, people with agoraphobia and other social … Read more

Guest Post: Creative Karma

From Bev Walton-Porter at her blog, Elemental Musings. Creative Karma – Do You Have It? In the writing life, there are certain intangibles you can’t explain to other writers until they’ve experienced it for themselves. One of those intangibles of the writing life is what I call creative karma. Simply put, creative karma means what … Read more

Fiction Plot Structure

I found several ideas for writing fiction plots, plot structures,  in an article by Kimberly Appelcline. The article goes into a lot more detail with forms of plot structure. I have taken more from this article than I usually would because the link was tricky, would not load the first few times I tried, though … Read more

Public Safety Communications

 I’m looking into the 911 Operator course. It will start in February at the Georgian College in Orillia. These are some links I found tonight which I want to save. Kind of interesting to find so much out there. I didn’t expect to find anything much at all. Proven Ways – designs and provides quality … Read more

Would a Writing Coach Help?

Bev Walton-Porter publishes The Scribe and Quill. You can find more about Bev, her writing and her writing coach services on her site. I’ve known Bev over 10 years and have admired herself and her accomplishments that long too. — Thanks, Laura, for having me as a guest on your blog to talk about writing … Read more