Love Letter Writers

I was a letter writer until my last older relative died, the Grandmothers and their sisters. I did write to my Grandfather sometimes but it was mainly the women who wrote back and gave me more reason to write back. It is much easier to reply to something in a letter than to break out … Read more

Great Things to do While Unemployed (or Underemployed)

I read a sensible post about things you can do while you are unemployed. It was sensible. Probably practical even. But, it did not deal with the issue of keeping your soul alive, your spirits up and your creative energy high while you go through the ups and downs of being unemployed. Being without a … Read more

The Doodologist is Open

Claire has begun doodling as a business, The Doodologist. I’m not sure how many years she has been creating her doodles. We even ran a Doodle Week together once upon a time, a couple of years ago. Her doodles are bright, energetic and upbeat. What would you like as a doodle for yourself? Something that … Read more

Drawing Flowers

I like to draw a bit. Sometimes they get online, but my scanner is a bit temperamental, so sometimes they just get added to the pile of drawings I have done. I used to keep them posted to Flickr as well but I haven’t kept up with them there. What do you draw or doodle … Read more

Cityscape, Skyline Metropolis?

The suffix of one word can lead to so many other interesting words. In looking into the theme for Doodle Week on U3 this Friday I knew I wanted to draw some kind of city skyline, a cityscape. That led to looking up other kinds of words with ‘scape’ as a suffix. That led me … Read more