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Locus Of Control & Attributional Style Test
Locus of control refers to how a person perceives the cause of life events. Someone with an internal locus of control would generally perceive himself or herself as responsible for certain occurrences (his or her actions would have a direct bearing on the result). On the other hand, a person with an external locus of control would most often blame (or thank) fate, destiny, luck, society, or some other force beyond his or her control.
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You have a mixed attribution style when it comes to success. Sometimes you interpret your success as a result of your skills, intelligence, nice personality, etc. Other times, you attribute it to external factors, such as luck, ease of task, or other people’s help. As a consequence, you don’t always take the credit you deserve. Your self-esteem, motivation, and general well-being would most likely be improved if you realized that you actively influence positive events in your life.

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