Stranger Danger

I don’t think a guy can ever know how it feels to be unsafe in your own home. Men don’t have to deal with repairmen coming over and manhandling them or making plans to invite themselves over, uninvited and unwanted. Men can’t know how it feels to be put in the spot of wanting to tell someone to stop but not being able to because that could put you in more danger. Or, wondering if you’re going to be a statistic and glad that at least your brother knows the guy’s name and phone number so the police will have something to go on if you can pull yourself together enough to report the whole thing to them. It’s not so easy being a woman alone in a small apartment when some guy begins to make advances on you.

I phoned my brother right after the guy finally left and told him not to hire that guy, that I never wanted him coming back here for any reason again. It’s not fair to be a woman and feel unsafe in your own home and know it’s not just your imagination, it’s true.

I’m going out now and as always, I’m locking my door.

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