Stop Getting Red Marks on Your Nose From Glasses

For the Girls Who Wear Glasses and Get Sore Noses from Them

I’m in the process of ordering new glasses so it’s a funny time for the current eyeglasses to start giving me a problem. But, since getting the eye tests done, I’ve been getting red marks on the bridge of my nose from the plastic bits (nose pad, nose pieces, nose guard?) on my glasses.

The first thing I did was give them an extra cleaning – and washed my face well too, of course. The problem went away for a few days. But, it started up again, just on one side this time. It is really bothering me a lot. The skin is peeling off under the nose piece. It’s become very sore, raw and oozing a bit. So, I washed everything again. Used disinfectant again too. Then I put a plastic bandage on my face and went online to see if I could find the cause of the problem.

I wear my eyeglasses all the time (not in the shower or in bed, as some will be thinking). I don’t just wear them for reading or driving around in the car. So, a sore spot like this is something I want to deal with and fix right away.

Right away I found an answer to what it is and how to deal with it.


The Cause of the Problem

First, the cause – hot weather and skin being irritated by the nose piece. As you sweat from the heat you also sweat under the frame of your glasses. Not a problem for the skin that gets air to it and dries once you are not sweating. That patch of skin under the nose piece is not able to dry so the skin is always a bit wet with sweat and then irritated and rubbed by the glasses.

That was good to know. I don’t have some weird skin problem or infection, bacteria, whatever.

Get a Different Nose Piece

Secondly, I found out a couple of options which will help the problem, other than wearing a bandage.

You can go to the store where you bought your eyeglasses and ask them to change the plastic nose piece and give you a fabric/ cloth one instead. This will let the skin get some air under there and give it a chance to be a little drier. It’s also softer, so it won’t rub as much.

Try Adjusting/ Moving the Nose Piece

Another idea people wrote about was moving the nose pieces. Experiment a bit and see if you can loosen them by pushing them up or down a bit more or less. In my case, when I didn’t have a problem with red marks before, this seems a likely solution. Chances are the nose pieces were moved when they were checking my current prescription at the eye doctor’s office. So, that’s what I have done. I will have to wait and see if that works.

When I get the new eyeglasses I’m going to see if they will give me something different for a nose piece, maybe cloth which can be added on hot summer days. It’s good to know there are options!

Create your Own Solution to the Nose Piece Problem

I had a new idea for the problem of glasses which leave a mark on our nose.

Take one standard bandage, it must be the type with fabric not the plastic bandages. Cut off the ends to make two pieces of bandage, roughly the size of the nose piece on your glasses. Peel off the backing from the bandage piece then stick the piece onto the nose piece of your glasses frame. Trim the excess, leave a bit to act like overlap and wrap up and over the sides of the noise piece. This overlap bit keeps it from touching any of your skin and helps it to stay stuck on as well.

I’ve been using this idea all day today. It works great! It’s also fairly cheap and easy to do.

There’s a big difference between a woman who wears glasses and a woman with a pair of glasses on her face, and we’re not idiots. Has she ever pushed her specs repeatedly up her nose in an especially stuffy interview room, reached for them only to encounter the paradox of she who cannot see, cannot find her glasses? Slept on them or stepped on them? Wondered when to take them off pre-makeout? No, no, no and no. And you can tell that she and her specs are not One.

Quote Source: Jezebel – Girls Who Wear Glasses: A Tribute

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