Stone Daffodils

I was at the cemetery this week trying to get some photos. But, most didn’t turn out well. I had some that would have been nice if it hadn’t been so bright outside and made them all look washed out. Others were a bit out of focus which seems to be something I need to work on. It doesn’t show as much when taking photos of old houses cause they are so big. But, close ups need to be in good focus. Maybe I didn’t get the view finder thing on just the right spot or maybe my arm moved a bit too much when I snapped it. Anyway, I will work on it. I am even slightly considering getting a newer camera. Mine is antique when I look at the new ones out there. Even on a site which sells refurbished electronics, mine is selling for under $100, way under. Sad how electronics are so quickly here and then gone. They have such a short life.

I really liked these stone flowers. It’s late for the big breast cancer push though there seems to be a second one in October too. But, they turned out fairly well and the rest of those photos aren’t likely to survive on my hard drive.

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