Still Trying to Catch Up

I have updated BackWash, the journal/ column part and one of the newsletters. Not a great post for the newsletter, just another blab about Adsense which I have likely done too many times for it to be new and interesting. Two more newsletters to go there and I should do something for the communities. They say it’s all working again. I haven’t done much for BackWash in awhile.

I also want to get another post out for the LockerGnome blog. I have been keeping it almost daily, pretty good for a new blog. I don’t know what kind of traffic it will bring in. Maybe not much or maybe it will become a raging success. It’s entirely impossible. 😉

I also need to finish making a list of the damaged books for the insurance claim. Everyone seems to have different thoughts about that and how it will all work out. I don’t want all the books back and I doubt they are going to send someone of their staff out to purchase each and every book on my list. Likely it will be a cheque of some amount, based on the price of the books currently. I can easily spend money at the book store. Plus, there are some I do want to replace. I have another bag to take to the second hand bookstore but now I don’t have a local one. I will have to keep an eye out for something good around here. Maybe towards Scarborough since that would be an easier trip while carrying a bag of books. Or not. So much to find and figure out about living here.

I met someone new through Craigslist. We plan to meet for coffee/ tea on the weekend. I’m looking forward to it, only a little nervous. His name is Paul and he is in the area here too. It will be nice to meet someone, however it happens to turn out.

I’m making noodles with salsa tonight. More lazy than gourmet but they taste good.

The TV is on and working, I get two channels as it is: CBC and CTV.

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