Starting the Long Trek to CSS

I bought the book, I skimmed the book, I thought I can’t really do all this. Then I kicked myself in the behind and got started.

I tried FrontPage but discovered it does not like CSS. Even when I hand coded a very simple page it does not display it right. I checked it by loading the same saved page to Firefox. Firefox shows it just fine, everything where it should be. FrontPage does not co-operate.

I downloaded Alleycode and I can edit the code there. I still have to use Firefox as my wysiwyg preview. Kind of annoying but I can manage. Still, why doesn’t it work on FrontPage? My FrontPage isn’t THAT old, FP 2000. Next time I’m out at a computer related store I want to see what the latest FrontPage can do, does it mention CSS layouts and design abilities.

Meanwhile I will miss FrontPage but it seems to have become obsolete in the quest for CSS.

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