Startch on Black Clothing is Not a Good Thing

I know I shouldn’t be wearing black today but it’s what I pulled out from the pile of clothes I should have put away from the laundry this week. I’m about to begin peeling potatoes. If you have done that a few times you know how that statch runs out and gets all over your hands and your shirt, even if you try to be tidy and not wipe your hands on yourself. But, thankfully, we have the washing machine, here and working even now. I try not to take things for granted but when you don’t have something for several months you remember all over again how much you shouldn’t take it for granted.

We are still landscaping. This weekend we are also making dinner for a family get together on Sunday, tomorrow. I don’t mind the cooking and the work, too much. But I do get kind of fed up with being pushed around and having most of my input vetoed, often before I have even finished or hardly begun speaking. Mothers! It must just be a thing with them, a part of never really letting go.

It is funny cause I can still remember years ago (decades of years) when I was in my teens and she began to talk to me as an adult versus a kid. I was so honoured and so self important and felt like I really was a someone. Oh how we have regressed… !

Living with your Mother still has a feeling of not being a good thing. Even if it does help us both out. I do miss having my own place, my own space where things are not randomly and casually moved around. I like finding my toothbrush each morning for instance. That’s another thing you should not take for granted. Sometimes I feel the only way to really keep track of anything is to hoard it all in my bedroom. But it is getting pretty packed in here and I feel trapped with stuff surrounding me. Urrgh.

At least I still have the little things. My nice smelling shampoos which she doesn’t use much, though I leave them out cause I don’t mind if she does. I usually get that tacky shampoo head from using the same shampoo all the time by the time I am halfway through the bottle of shampoo so I’m fine with sharing it. Just lets me have the excuse to buy more, more often.

I have my books too. Though everyone acts like I’ve got a disease when I mention getting a new one. I don’t keep the ones I have read, the fiction ones at least. But, even I admit the pile of nonfiction books is pretty huge and I haven’t read most of them. I do seem to collect them like dust bunnies.

Well, enough babbling. I have to get to potatoes for that potato salad. Party on.

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