You’re the Star of your Documentary

P1190184I read a post about documenting life through the photographs we take. I got thinking about how small things that happen can mean a lot and shouldn’t be too easily overlooked. The place you go for coffee, the spot you always like to sit and the same coffee mug they serve you with. Right now it’s common place, every day. In a few years when your life has changed and you live in a different place or whatever else may have happened to you in between… it would be nice to come across a photo of yourself in your coffee place and remember when that moment was nothing special, just every day ordinary.

Think about the things you do which aren’t special. Document them. Write about the event, the situation, all the details – think of it as leaving your future self a note. Then take a photograph too. Or, get someone to photograph you so you can be in your own documentary.

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