Spike and Malice: It’s a Game

Because I have roughly two days left to move I’m going to spend today out with Zack. We are going to Newmarket to see a movie and drop in on his Mother. She is leaving for a week in Cuba and wanted to see her son before she leaves.

I hope my sister never reads this. It’s hugely unlikely since none of my family bother with my writing, they think it’s my useless hobby. I don’t even know if they would change their attitude if I were making a regular (even hefty) pay cheque. So, at some point you just stop being concerned about it. Just take their knocks and keep on ticking, doing what you need to do to stay alive. Anyway, my sister would not be happy to read what I never say to her face. To be politically correct (that means nice) I will just say she is not a natural mother type.

So, we are visiting today when I should be packing and planning. I did have good intentions. My road to hell is well paved by now. Luckily I’m not someone who believes in hell. I have no idea where my paved road is really going. Isn’t that kind of a good thing? If you really knew where you were going to end up would you always want to put the energy into making the journey. I expect a lot of people would take a lot of short cuts and bypass a lot of life: sad parts, angry parts, bad parts and so on. All those things make life though. The hard parts make the soft parts more worth having.

So there’s my philosophical moment for the day, well, for this half hour or so.

If you’re in Newmarket at the Silver City watching Just my Luck today, wave to me. I’ll just be pretending I don’t know you and that blank look is all just a polite way of saying hello in my culture.

Two Days and Insurmounting

I often deal with things by not dealing with them. This works well, up to a point.

Tonight I realized that I have this weekend to actually do the moving thing and then Monday I will be actually in the moving activation mode. I got that sickening feeling of an approaching insurmountable deadline. Don’t you hate that sick, sinking feeling of time catching up with you no matter how hard you try to run in the other direction?

So, even though Zack is here and my Mom is here and they are well known for being expert time suckers, I must focus and prepare for the activation of the moving plan.

I will even make a ‘to-do’ list. How organized and well planned is that? I knew you’d be impressed. Of course, it’s too late to start any of that well intentioned activity now. It’s dark outside.

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