Soon it Will be NaNoWriMo,,,

I’d like to be writing something for NaNoWriMo this year. I did try it one year. Got a late start but did well for a few days. Then more upheaval, literally. I moved again.

I’d like to get into it this year but it’s not looking good. I’m pushing myself to keep the blog going (more or less). I had an article on the go but it’s been gathering dust bunnies to its funeral this week. I have had lots of ideas and fiction too but nothing is getting past my brain cells and onto the keyboard.

Maybe I just need to get away for a few days, alone, to recharge the batteries. It seems that every day I do get off from work is sucked away from me before I even begin to do more than plan some great adventure. All my plans are futile and assimilated by the family, mainly the Mother. She’s not Jewish, its more of an Irish/ Celtic guilt.

So I’ve done a lot of babysitting- good for the nephew and nieces but leaves me feeling I never really had a day off at all. Plus my room is a dump. I got clothes washed but have not put anything away. This is how I am always called the family mess. I’m sure someone else would be able to get all this done and still hop off to work and come home and skip going to bed so she could update her blog and do all that other good stuff. But, I’m just not her. It would be useful. Sleep is boring anyway.

Zack is coming out for the weekend. I’m working but will be around for part of the day to see him. They started him on drugs now. Imagine a 12 year old boy taking drugs. I guess it makes it easier for the parents and medical people. They can blame it all on him rather than admitting they live in chaos and don’t really take care of their kids. Much easier to say it’s all in his head. What kind of person is that creating? How can he ever learn to be strong if they keep knocking him down and upping his dosage if he still doesn’t perform like some robot child? Makes me really angry. I’m trying to just forget it rather than say anything. I’m trying not to tell her that a kid might benefit from having a regular bedtime and getting fed a real meal rather than scrounging the cupboards for stuff in boxes and plastic bags.

Anyway, soon time to get to work. I’m busing today. Not so bad. I don’t have to park the car or walk to and from the parking space. Not that it’s a huge trek but I do seem to have lost some of my walkability. I was surprised how soon my shins started to ache. The plan is to get a good pair of walking shoes and get back to more walking this Fall. Likely after the Mother is gone on her way to Florida. By then I should have more control over what I do when I have a day off from work.

Happy almost Halloween!

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