Sock Matching

Whenever I visit my sister I end up doing housework. She has three kids and a career, I just have me. Anyway, I’m not a big fan of housework so I get the kids to help with it as much as I can. Sock matching is one thing they can do, though it does take time and patience to get them to stick with it.

I bring out the bag of socks without partners and dump it on the table. Then sit them down and let them go to it. I make it a game. Telling them the socks are lonely and need their friends. (The little girls are 4 and 6 so this works well for them). I’m usually doing something else while they match socks. But I could take a break, sit down with them, and give them a story about socks alone in the world, looking for their match. It would be goofy cause I like to hear them laugh.

How would your story of sock matching go? Would it be funny or tragic and dramatic?

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