So Far I am Not Dying of Covid

People who test positive for Covid are sent home. No one calls an ambulance to take them to the emergency department or the isolation room in the hospital. No, they are left to their own devices, sent home in whatever mode of travel they used to get to the Covid test. No one even makes sure they got home ok, or are self isolating.

I worked in a hospital in Toronto, as a volunteer. I know there are isolation rooms which they could use (and maybe are) for people who test positive for a really dangerous or threatening disease. Signs were put on the doors, with an extra sign in the hallway should someone not look at the door. Isolation was taken seriously. If someone needed to be isolated or quarantined for a reason, they were. It was not left up to the person themselves. It was not left to chance or whim. People were isolated, they were not out shopping because they got bored, they did not order in fast food, they did not leave that room in the hospital. Until they were no longer a danger.

If Covid were a real emergency, a real public danger as it is played up to be… why are people sent home as they would for the common cold, the flu and most other non-serious diseases, medical problems. If Covid were a real threat wouldn’t it be taken a lot more seriously when someone tests positive? But, its not. Covid propaganda is in over drive, the danger is hyped up to ridiculous levels, and people are afraid. Living in some kind of zombie horror movie they can’t escape. But, the threat the government and media keep selling just doesn’t match the reality. For one thing, some of you may be really disappointed to discover, there are no zombies.

Why is the “vaccine” being forced on people, more or less? Why are people acting/ talking like the “vaccine” will protect them from every sickness or disease, or death. If someone does not have the “vaccine” (and it is always “the vaccine” as if it is now the only one) they should expect to die or infect everyone they come near. That is extremely silly and not likely.

But governments are forcing people to forgo their privacy, their medical history, and carry around a card saying they have had “the vaccine”. What about all the other diseases, viruses, bacteria which people could share (in spite of masks, experimental drugs, gloves, etc). There are real threats to health which people have lived with all their lives and not even stopped to wash their hands in regards to.

Every time I start to wonder if maybe I’m wrong about all of this. The fact is, the risk of getting Covid is pretty low. The risk of getting Covid and then getting actually ill with symptoms is low. The risk of death is even less, lower than the risk of being hit by a drunk driver, bitten by a dog, or dying of cancer. I don’t see that as something to panic over.

The risk of dying from Covid may be higher than the chance you will buy the winning lottery ticket for millions of dollars, maybe. I haven’t read that, I’ve just assumed it.

I haven’t seen the government sending out vehicles to load up with the bodies of the dead, those people who tested positive and were then sent home to quarantine themselves with the ever so deadly Covid. Places which were set up to receive bodies, have not been at capacity. I know of one which was not used at all, not even as a Covid test facility, because it was not needed. Yet the media and government press on, threatening, cajoling, and scaring people. I don’t understand why.

I’ve been sick in my life, in spite of being fully vaccinated as a child with booster shots at times during my life. I haven’t had mumps, or polio, or any of the other things I have been vaccinated for. This “vaccine” does not prevent you from getting sick with, or testing positive for, Covid. So, why are people getting it? It is an experimental drug. That’s all. I won’t volunteer to be a lab rat for this drug I don’t need. Although the government is making it harder (and so much easier to just give in and get the “vaccine”) I will remain in the control group for this government sanctioned science experiment on the public. That’s my choice.

In the end, time will tell.

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