So Cute in an Evil Minion Kind of Way

Zack and I played Neoquest on Neopets this evening. It’s one of the games he likes best on the site. I forget about it cause it’s not a game you see mentioned often. He is way ahead of me of course. He likes that and yet he is eager for me to catch up. I’m fighting these wockys right now. Wockys are the cat version of neopets. I used to have a wocky as my own neopet, a golden wocky even. But it was converted to some spotted thing by the lab ray this past week. I’m hoping to get my golden wocky back. It really looks well with the yellow raindorf I have as a neopetpet. I named the reindorf MerrySpirit. I will be kind of peeved if the lab ray changes it to something else, most likely another pile of ash. If you have no clue what I’m talking about but have become curious, or have boys you want to play with, click on the wocky picture above and go to the site. I’d appreciate any referrals I can get. They give out neo-goodies for referrals who actually sign up and stick around awhile. It’s like shopping without having to spend your own real money. Tons of goodies to buy and all kinds of things for your home, garden and so on.

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