Snoozing at the Keys

Very unfair of the weather to go from unseasonably mild to freezing so quickly. I’ve noticed more spiders too. Tried to get a photo of one yesterday but it just came out all blurry. Then it moved to the inside of the kitchen sink and the flash spoiled it.

I’m cooking perogis for a late lunch/ early dinner. They are so good with sour cream. The afternoon soap opera is on. Some building is exploding. It all looks kind of silly. Phony. But I’m sure they are all sincere and trying hard to be dramatic. Somehow, there is just something about the way a soap opera is filmed that makes those big scenese look artificial. It might be something to do with how perfect everyone looks under the dirt smudges. People don’t look that perfect, like they just stepped out of Vogue, during a catasrophe.

I stayed up writing last night. Now I am tired. I did go back to bed but it was so cold I didn’t sleep much.

Tomorrow I decided not to do anything but head out to Newmarket. Makes it easier to just go to one place when the weather is so cold. I need to pack up a few overnight things. The bus takes about an hour to get from Toronto to Newmarket. It’s kind of a nice trip. You can get a seat to yourself most of the time. I used to have a Walkman that I’d bring along for those long bus rides. I don’t know where it is any more. Too bad the Go Bus has tinted windows, spoils the option of taking pictures out of the window along the way.

Time for those perogis. Have a great weekend if I don’t get online again.

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