Smiley Saturday #2

Posted for Smiley Saturday:

I went out today. Last day of my vacation time off from work. Just have my usual weekend to go before I am back at work on Tuesday now.

I went to Zellers for a lunch out. Was a disappointment. The halibut burger was really good the first time I ordered it. Today they weren’t even cleaning the tables off between customers. Gordon Ramsey would not approve.

But I smile about the new nightgown I bought myself. Pretty with tiny green polka dots on a lighter green background. Even some smocking with off white roses at the top. I’m wearing it now. Should have washed it first. But I didn’t want to wait.

A new purse too. Some kind of brown leather like clone. A backpack shape but smaller. Lots of nice pockets for everything. I just finished moving everything over from the old purse which was a bigger backpack type that keeps falling off my shoulder and aggravating me.

On the way home I decided to take a taxi. I got the driver I used to get when I was working midnights. Hadn’t seen him in awhile. Was nice to catch up with how he is doing.

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