Small Controversies can Unstick your Writing

There are certain topics everybody knows are going to start a fight – politics, religion, abortion, video game consoles – important things like that.

But there’s a lot of topics not on the standard hot-button list that are guaranteed to stir a forum thread into a white-hot frenzy. Topics that you would think people could disagree on reasonably, like dog poop disposal or tipping, that somehow drive people to threaten physical violence.

via 6 Innocent-Sounding Topics That Are Guaranteed Flame Wars |

You may not want a flame war to deal with but something like a small controversial issue is a good topic to write about when you feel stuck without inspiration.

Everyone has an opinion and the issue is not on such a massive scale that people will feel threatened or insecure in adding their own viewpoint. Some topics are too big, too controversial or too full of political correctness to allow anyone to be honest. It’s more fun to write about declawing a cat than what you feel about abortion, the death penalty, religion or homosexuality.

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