Skipping to a Quick Conclusion

People seldom read old content. So you need to think of each post you write as the only post in your blog. The others are background to show you’ve been here awhile, more like a credential than content. Without an archive you look like someone who just started. Yet, those posts could all be about your pet salamander for all anyone is likely to actually look back and read them.

Why do people not read old content? Lots of reasons: it’s outdated, it’s too far away, they don’t have time and they didn’t really come to your blog to get to know you all THAT well after all. Blog readers tend to skim, even the post they do read might be hit and miss rather than fully read. I do think short posts are the way to a reader’s attention in the web writing scheme of things.

Have you read this far? Did you skip to the bottom after reading just the first sentence to see if I was writing about anything interesting? Did you just skip to the very last sentence, looking for a quick conclusion?

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