Six Simple Copywriting Tips for Bloggers

  • Short sentences will pop, stand out. But longer sentences will give more depth and explain your point. Both long and short sentences are needed to break up the post so it won’t seem monotone. You can vary sentence structure to give your post a rhythm.
  • Cut out unnecessary or repetitive wording in your blog copy. Cut out words that take up space: like, because, that. Also, keep your tone strong and don’t “I think” “It might” and etc. If you believe it enough to type it into your post then give it full credit, full strength rather than sounding wishy washy.
  • Make your writing compelling, with a purpose. Don’t let yourself lose focus and start rambling on, especially if you bring irrelevant content into the post. Don’t confuse the reader.
  • Always write in short paragraphs with double spacing between paragraphs. It’s easier on the eye to read short paragraphs and you can get people to read more of your post if they come in shorter lengths.
  • Use positive language. Inspire your readers to a plan of action, to read more from you and leave your blog/ site with a good feeling which will likely bring them back for more.
  • Use bullets and subheadings. These attract the eye of your reader to the important points and the skim readers will still have the gist of what you are saying (even if they don’t read everything).

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