Six Sentences, Exactly

Can you write a whole story in just six sentences: Have a look at The 6S Social Network on Ning,

The submission period for Six Sentences, Volume 3 – a literary tour de force scheduled to be published in April – is officially underway! If you’d like to be part of the action, just send your work to (no attachments – just paste your work in the body of the email), and make sure the subject line of your email is 6SV3 SUBMISSION (or 6SV3 SUBMISSIONS if you’re sending more than one – you may send up to three). Your work must be previously unpublished, and the same 6S Writer’s Guidelines apply. The deadline for inclusion in the book is Sunday, January 31st, 2010 (at midnight EST).

So… when it comes to being published in the new book… what will you say in six sentences?

Laura remembered the shower nozzle was still cracked when the it sprayed her in the face, again. At least the water was hot and coming out in a strong spay to clean off the dirt, loosen her over worked muscles and steam away the stress of the day, detox by water. Lathering her favourite,  decadent vanilla soap over her skin,  she even enjoyed the water in the tub covering her ankles, like a shower and foot bath all in one… wait, that wasn’t supposed to happen. So much for a shower to unwind. Now she had a clogged drain to add to her list of things to do. She should have known you couldn’t start your day planting your husband and not have the universe take out petty revenge, God must be a man after all.

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