Six Reasons I Like Having a Microblog in my Sidebar

Why I like having a micro/miniblog in my sidebar…

  1. There are always little things I find online and want to stick into my blog.
  2. I don’t want to turn every little thing into a full blown post when it can stand on it’s own with just a linkback to the source.
  3. It gives readers something original/ atypical to read in my sidebar, rather than the network widgets and etc.
  4. I can give a quick shout to a friend’s blog or site and (depending on how often I post there) leave it up for longer than a daily post.
  5. It’s different. I don’t see many other bloggers using a miniblog contained in their main blog.
  6. The plugin I found works really well and has weathered every WordPress upgrage with 5 stars.

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