SimCity, for People into World Domination

simcityEvery day life can seem so… ordinary.

Until you take up world domination and run the world as you see fit. This is one of the reasons I have loved SimCity since the first version came out. I used to play with my nephew, Zack. He was just a little boy then. His favourite part was “boom de boom”. I would build up my city, make all the sims happy, the city prosperous and then… along came the aliens, or the earthquake . Those were our favourite disasters. By the end of “boom de boom” the city was rubble but the little boy was laughing.

No one says you have to be a kind and gentle world ruler in SimCity.

What would your game city be like and what kind of ruler would you be: kind and compassionate, greedy and merciless, or some other combination of good and wicked?

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