Should Spelling be Understood or Guessed At?

What are your thoughts about spelling: traditional or mutable?

Consistent spelling was a great way to ensure clarity in the print era. But with new technologies, the way that we write and read (and search and data-mine) is changing, and so must spelling.

Instead of trying to get the letters right with imperfect tools, it would be far better to loosen our idea of correct spelling.

Standardized spelling enables readers to understand writing, to aid communication and ensure clarity. Period. There is no additional reason, other than snobbery, for spelling rules. Computers, smartphones, and tablets are speeding the adoption of more casual forms of communication—texting is closer to speech than letter writing. But the distinction between the oral and the written is only going to become more blurry, and the future isn’t autocorrect, it’s Siri. We need a new set of tools that recognize more variations instead of rigidly enforcing outdated dogma. Let’s make our own rules.

The above quoted from the post by Anne Trubek at Wired: Proper Spelling? Its Tyme to Let Luce

From the Wired Editor’s perspective: Spelling: A Rebuttal from Wired’s Copydesk

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