Shop the Excitement

Seems you can’t avoid TV channels with shopping ads on today. Each time I find something that isn’t an infomerical when it ends they begin another round of shopping for junk to lighten your wallet. Why are they always so happy, cheery and loud? Do these people know they don’t need to speak up quite so much? I can hear them even from in the shower with the water running.

I’m leaving early for work so I can enjoy the sunshine today while I wait an endless time for the bus. If you have to wait it may as well be on your own terms. Besides, I need to work on my winter tan.

I’m tired today. One of those days where you drag yourself through. I woke up tired which I don’t usually do. Most of the time I am a morning person. I guess I still am, just a frustrated morning person today. I would go back to bed awhile but that seems to be a waste of the daylight now that we are in winter and it starts getting dark about 5:00.

The funny thing about watching an informercial is that by the end of the ad you begin to think it actually does look good. Then they tell you to pay monthly payments of just 9.99 for eight months and you realize just how big a chunk of your pay cheque they are looking for. That cures me, every time.

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