She Writes Like Other People Breathe

There are some compliments which really stick in your mind. Yesterday someone wrote about me, saying I write a lot “This girl writes like other people breathe.” I liked it. I’ve been told I’m wise a few times, I always like that one too. Also, people seem to say I’m an independent/ unique thinker and I usually do things my own way. I like that too. The most unusual thing someone has written about me (which I have kept for a few years now) is “Adorable, in a wicked, modest way that only the ego-maniacal can pull off.” I’ve never been 100% sure what it all meant but it made me laugh.

I keep a lot of quotes which appealed to me for assorted reasons. A lot of people have favourite quotes but do other people keep favourite quotes and compliments about themselves? It seems so vain or desperate to keep compliments on file. I guess that’s why I keep them in my memory, except for the one I’m still trying to decide about. Wouldn’t it be kind of nice to keep them, all of them, for yourself? You don’t have to show it to anyone or admit that you do it. Just pull it out the odd time when you feel down or need a little feedback to keep you on track.

What has someone said about you that you have always remembered? Good things only.

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