She Who Must Be Heard!

I don’t blog to make friends or cause I really have something to say that the world must know or cause it’s trendy and I’m ultra fashionable. I blog cause I want someone to hear me. I want to believe someone is listening to me. What I say or what anyone hears isn’t all that important, just that the transaction is taking place.

I think this is something true for a lot of women. If men ever figured this out they would be dangerous. Luckily, very few of them actually listen to us enough to figure out how much we want them to listen to us.

I’ve joined yet another of those track your blog readers things, like MyBlogLog, Blog Catalog and Blog Woods. The new one is BumpZee. It’s not that I want to build traffic, I’m not selling anything. I just want to see that real people have been here, different real people too not just the same few over and over again. Or myself. It’s nice that blog counters can be set to ignore your own visits to your site. Though, in the early days I spent enough time hitting the refresh button just to turn over a few numbers.

I don’t like to think I’m lonely. That’s not the person I want to be. Yet I guess I am. Not totally cause I like being alone, not having to be pleasant and interesting on demand. It’s nice having the place to yourself. Being able to do things you’d never want someone to catch you doing. But, I miss having someone to talk to about nothing. That’s where the blog comes in. I type about nothing instead of talking. Maybe it saves air, do you breathe less if you talk less?

Anyway, I will keep blogging just to know I’m being heard. I will keep adding reader tracker junk and checking my blog counters. Cause that’s what keeps me coming back to type some more.

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