Seven Days for Seven Answers no More

Seven Days Seven Answers – Daily cues to spark your writing creativity. 

A little sad when something clever and creative disappears online. I had Seven Days Seven Answers in my bookmarks as a site for writing inspiration. But, going through and checking each link, manually, I have found it long closed up. The link still active enough, on Blogger, to pass automated link checks. Anyway, I’m preserving the ideas from the site here. Sure, Blogger will keep it all up until Google decides to stop hosting Blogger. But, I like giving it an extra archive. 
I found an abandoned Twitter account for the site too. 

What is it?Seven Days Seven Answers is a daily opportunity for creativity. Each day of the week is assigned a category. A question, scenario, or some sort of prompt will be posted asking for you to respond. Every post will have a winning response which receives an award. The goal is to reach the Winners Circle by collecting a win on each of the seven days (or a combination of days and wildcards) and becoming an Ultimate Winner.
Where do I write?You can either respond in the comments of the post or in a post on your own blog (provide a link in the comments for that cue).
How do I know if I’m responding correctly?Cues are deliberately vague and open to interpretation. That’s the point! Whatever springs to your mind as an “answer”, that’s the correct response.
How often can I answer?Answer every day. Don’t answer every day (though you risk making me cry). I don’t even mind if you answer multiple times on an entry. 
How long do I have to write? When are winners announced?You can write on old prompts forever if you like. Winners will be announced in approximately one week.
How are winners chosen?Winners can be chosen by any number of methods.I’ll pick the entry I like bestI’ll let someone else pick the entry they like bestPollRandom selectionEeny meeny miney moOr whatever other method sounds good at the time
How do wildcards work? Some days, instead of posting a prompt in the regular category, a wildcard will be posted instead. The winning response on that day will receive a special wildcard award which counts towards the “seven awards” on any day the participant is missing. 
What do Daily Winners receive?Daily winners receive their name (and a link to an appropriate website) on the daily winners page. They also receive the right to post the shiny winners button on their website if they want. In addition, winners receive the unwavering respect and serious street cred among their peers. From time to time, there may be small prizes given to a randomly-chosen daily winner. 
What about the Ultimate Winners and the Winners Circle?Winners who have collected wins for all 7 days will also receive their name (and a link) on the Winners Circle page. They may also receive a tangible prize but we’ll deal with that when we get there.Cues and Days
 In the News: (Day 1)This category features news-related prompts.Sample cues:Given a headline, write the story that goes with it.Explain an out-of-context quote.Write a follow-up story to a recent event.Checklist (Day 2)A list of words will be accompanied by a scenario in which to use them. 
Now What? (Day 3)Write what comes next.Sample cues:What happens next in a story or scene?Finish a phrase.Tell what happens in a situation.Letters (Day 4)Given either a first line or a set-up, write a letter appropriate to the situation.
Storytime (Day 5)When a new story begins, a starting paragraph will be provided. Everyone will write paragraph #2. A winner will be chosen and the next week everyone will write paragraph #3. And so on, building on the previous winners, until we reach a conclusion. That particular cue category lasted for about a month before I decided to replace it.
So I Have This Friend… (Day 5)Give your best advice to this friend.
A Thousand Words (Day 6)On this day, a photo will be provided. Sample cues:Explain what happened before (or after) this photo was taken.Write a caption.Take Two (Day 7)Given a second chance, how would this be different? Rewrite the ending to a book, movie, scene, fable, quote, etc. 
WildcardThis category can be absolutely anything. Absolutely. Anything.