Sentimental Things to Sign on Christmas Cards

holidayfireasciiAfter the first couple of Christmas cards you write it gets harder to find something different to say in each one. You can write a bit of news, a bit of something happening but you still need that bit to transition from the news to the part when you sign your name. Here are some to keep you going:

  • Enjoy the Holidays, the calories will count themselves.
  • May your Holidays begin and end on a happy note
  • Keep your family close the Holiday Season
  • The presents are wrapped, shopping is done, now just have some Holiday fun
  • Find your real meaning of Christmas’
  • Health, wealth and happiness all year long
  • Welcome the Season with the people you love most
  • Put your worries aside and welcome the Christmas Spirit with your whole heart
  • May Santa bring you everything you want and nothing you deserve.
  • Keep the Holiday Spirit for the whole New Year
  • Sing all the Christmas Carols, Loud and Proud
  • Keep yourself warm and toasty all Season long
  • God Bless us everyone
  • Be merry and bright!
  • Get your Christmas tree up if you haven’t already
  • Leave Santa extra chocolate for the reindeer
  • Even Santa isn’t perfect
  • Keep your hot chocolate warm
  • Celebrate the Season
  • Enjoy every sparkle and twinkle this Season
  • Enjoy The magic of the Season
  • Holiday Greetings
  • Keep the joy all year
  • Merry Yule to you and yours
  • May your heart be light
  • Bright Blessings
  • Wishing you peace, love and joy
  • Wishing you happiness this Season
  • Christmas blessings to you
  • Celebrate the Spirit of Christmas
  • Laughter, love and Holiday cheer
  • Have a wonderful Holiday Season
  • Sparkle through the Season
  • Christmas cookies to you!

Write a few of your own. Try to have a variety of syrupy sweet, sentimental and a bit of humour too.

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