Self Employment Workshop Day One

Today was the first day of the Self Employment workshop. It was pretty good. I’m pretty tired but still have homework which I need ready for tomorrow’s workshop.

I don’t know what to write though.

1) Motivation: Write a paragraph about why you are getting into business. Also a list of risks you have taken.

2) List technical and 10 soft skills you have. (Soft skills are things you can’t reach out and touch like being a team player, etc.)

3) Write a story about yourself which you read in front of everyone, about 3 – 5 minutes. At the end we announce our business idea.

I can’t think of a story I want to blab about. It’s supposed to be personal but I only blab my personal stories out when I’m typing. It’s not the same to have to speak about any of this stuff. I don’t like talking about myself, just writing about myself.

Here is what I scribbled down for motivation.

I’m getting into business partly to utilize my creativity, partly to develop an income and build a future for myself and partly to have an identity beyond department store cashier, front desk clerk, warehouse temp, office clerk, etc.

I can’t think of any really good risks I’ve taken. It’s not like I’m into extreme sports as a hobby. Here is what I wrote for risks:

Marriage, US immigration, solo travel across Canada, divorce, dating (again), talked a friend out of suicide, changed jobs a whole lot of times, self taught on IBM computer, self taught web design and digital art, became a different religion/ faith from my family (Pagan), keep a public weblog, applied for my dream job, lived in a foreign (different language) country for several months, started my own website, went to college as a mature student, learning new software, using new technology…

Maybe I will think of something more risk sounding before the group meets tomorrow morning.

My skill list is not worth typing out. It sounds like the same thing repeated eight times. 🙂

Nightie night! If you laugh at my risk taking I hope you have to clean your keyboard afterwards. So there!

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