Selecting, Collecting, Connecting and Correcting

mindframeSteps in the Writing Process

  • Selecting
  • Collecting
  • Connecting
  • Correcting

I browsed through an old language arts school textbook. I liked the list they wrote for the steps in the writing process. It’s true when you think about it.

Selecting – Choosing a topic or an idea to write about. (Sometimes that seems to be the part that takes the most time).
Collecting – Collecting your information, including gathering your thoughts and interviewing or talking to other people.
Connecting – Shaping your ideas, thoughts and planning your information into a form and order that will work to expand on or explain your topic or idea.
Correcting – Fixing things up, fine tuning your work in progress to shine as a finished work.

Which step is your favourite? Do you like getting ideas, gathering the information, putting a plan together or do you prefer to finish a project and have that accomplishment of a job well done?

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