Scribe & Quill: The Writer’s Ezine

Scribe & Quill is a very great ezine for writers. But the site layout needs updating. Tables would help organize the whole thing and make it easier to find the real meaty content.

Make note: the site layout does not reflect on the quality or quantity of the ezine. This is the best one out there. Handed down from Jade Walker to Bev Walton Porter and a staff of writers.

Addendum: I had forgotten Bev did have Scribe and Quill before taking over Inscriptions. Here is a note from Bev:

Just one clarification: I launched Scribe & Quill (a smaller version thereof) in 1997 — it didn’t come from Jade. Inscriptions was what Jade handed over to me. S & Q orig was pubbed on a mailing list in 1997 and it was mine from the beginning. I put it on hold to do Inscriptions, but found I would rather go back to my own “thing,” so to speak. So S & Q was never Jade’s, it was always mine 😉

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