Science Deniers in the Modern Medieval Age

sciencedenierWhat is a science denier?

These days it is anyone who does not agree with the general media about the covid vaxxination. However you want to debate all of that… the label of science denier is pure propaganda.

Science should be questioned, it is meant to be questioned. Science is full of theories and hypotheses and questions. Unquestioned science isn’t really science at all. Some might call it religion, with policies and rules set in stone which all are expected to follow. I don’t think that is entirely fair to religion. But, it isn’t science.

The real question is, why are we not allowed to debate this science? Why are people labelled as “science deniers”?

I like theories, looking at things with questions and speculation. I like wondering about things and unusual combinations and relationships between things. I like learning something new. I read about the flat Earth theory (for example), because I can. I don’t have to believe it but there are interesting ideas there. Theories and ideas. Why deny it, I like speculative fiction, alternative science and theories. I like science because it is a question full of more questions.

This seems so much like a modern Medieval age.  How fast and how far backwards will people go?

You may choose to call me a science denier. I prefer explorer.

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