Save the Vaxxinated People from Themselves

If the vaxxinated people feel so at risk, why don’t they stay safe, at home?

It seems really odd to me that the vax fans want everyone else to stay home while they are unlimited and unrestricted. I’m not afraid or feeling especially at risk from covid so why am I being told to take shelter, stay safe? From what, the vaxxinated people?

Why restrict everyone because some of the vaxxinated people still feel at risk?

The vaxxinated can get this one particular virus from anyone (vaxxed or not). So, why don’t those people who feel so at risk just stay home instead? Stay safe and let everyone else go on working, shopping, and all the other usual stuff. Let people make their own choice. Why keep some people from going out while letting others who also may or may not be sick with covid, or anything else, have free reign?

Nothing about this covid/vax stuff makes sense to me.

This vaxxine is still an experimental form of gene therapy. It won’t be tested (sort of fully) until at least 2023. The government and drug companies are taking no responsibility for this drug, its effects/ hazards. Yet they continue to force it on people as if we are cattle, not citizens allowed to vote and everything. Also, in Ontario, we must have a vaxxine passport (only for this covid drug) in order to be allowed to work, shop, attend events, etc. Why?

If we need to prove our good health in order to be allowed to keep a job, attend events, go shopping, etc, why is it only about one virus and not everything. Do people think the only thing they can catch is covid now? The vaxxine doesn’t even make you immune to covid so you are certainly still at risk for everything else.

Why not start a passport for every disease? Test everyone, every day, for everything. That would be so much safer for those who think they are at risk. Don’t forget other things like allergies. Some people are very allergic to animals, types of food, so many things. Why not have a test to make sure everyone is safe from causing allergy and asthma attacks. Why only covid? It’s nonsense.

If you feel at risk or unsafe, stay home. What right does anyone have to confine people if they are not willing to be confined themselves?

Why is the government putting the public into enforced confinement? It’s just one more law they are breaking. How many laws will they continue to break while expecting us to obey all their limitations and restrictions?

Have you noticed they say “vaccines are safe”. They don’t say the covid vaxxine is safe. I think that’s worth noting.

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