Sample Image Only for Content Curation?

sample image only

How Much is too Much?

There are a few issues with content ownership (copyrights) and content curating. The focus is – how much is too much? When you curate content the main point is to show what you found worth linking to. Explaining your reason for the link in a quick, simple way which will send readers to the source to read or view more. Content curators should not be copying so much information that their reader will not need to visit the source.

I know I have not done a 100% job of staying on the right side of that line. A content curator is an aggregator – the person who casts the net and chooses which hooks have the best bait in their lake (niche/ topic). The readers are the little and big fish who choose which hook to bite based on their own needs. A curator finds a lot of good stuff in the net and we want the readers to find our resource useful, topical, resourceful and an authority on the topic. It is tempting to give just a bit more, to post the information in a quick, simplified or condensed form. However, I also like being the provider of that little nibble to send readers to the mother fish. I like knowing I am generating traffic for the source of the information.

Getting it from the Source

Another issue is backtracking the link to find the actual, original source rather than those who have shared and re-shared the link. For the content curator, the original source is important to catch. To be just one more person re-linking and re-sharing is not the way to make ourselves seem a reliable authority.

Sample Image Only?

Another issue is images versus text. To content curate an image you take the whole image and paste it up. Meanwhile, for text content we take only some of the content. Should images be curated differently, as a small preview size or a partial image? I don’t see many people talking about this aspect.

When an image is the post, should we use screen capture software to just give a preview of the image, a sample of the original image, photograph or web graphic? Why is text content given more protection and consideration than illustration and image content?

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