Room to Write

Think of one kind of annoying day to day kind of task which irritates you about writing. For me it is just making myself stop all the other hundred little things I could be doing and settle down to start the writing project. Or, I could say the most aggravating thing is having a ton of material/ articles/ drawings I have as inspiration and information but I seldom take the time to organize it so that any of it is actually being used. It is a good idea to have information and inspiration around but at this point I should just dump it all and get rid of the clutter which does really bug me.

What writing related task are you putting off? Is there a way you could accomplish this and get it out of your way? Maybe pay someone to do it, or just give up and recycle it (as with all my paper stashes), or actually focus and buckle down to get it done?

Take the little things that keep you from writing out of your way. Give yourself more room to write?

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