Romance for your Birth Order

From IVillage, Birth Order Compatibility.

Like all firstborns, you enjoy taking charge. The nice thing about having younger brothers and sisters is that you work well with both men and women. You excel in leadership roles both on the job and socially. Your friends look up to you for direction, and boy, do you love to give it! Sometimes they think you’re a little too bossy, so try to let them have some say in what you’re going to do. When it comes to men, you love creative guys who can think outside the box. Your best match is a lastborn, especially if he has older sisters. Middleborns with older siblings close in age are also good matches because they’ll have the kind of fun-loving personality you need to balance your rather conservative, dominant, strict temperament. Firstborn guys pose more of a challenge because they’ll want to take control themselves, but you can make even these relationships succeed by working side by side with them on various projects, such as buying a house, planning a vacation or setting up a business. You have the same birth order as Oprah Winfrey. Your best celebrity love match is Johnny Depp.

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