Robotic Pets

The long awaited robot pets have finally arrived. Not like the virtual pets and chia pets and pet rocks and mechanical pets which have come before – these new robot pets look, act and feel exactly like the real animal they were designed as. But, they don’t need any maintenance unless you (the owner) chooses to do so. Dogs can be set to need a daily walk, or not. Cats can be set to hunt small animals, or not. None of the robotic animals needs to be picked up after, no more litter boxes or poop and scoop. Perfect for people in apartment buildings and such where pets are not allowed. These pets can be soundless, odorless and they don’t shed hair. No one gets allergies from a robotic pet.

Would you choose a robotic pet or stick with the real animal? It’s an easier choice if allergies, not having a permanent home of your own and living space don’t figure into the decision. Would you still pick a real pet if you didn’t have the space for them?