Road Warrior is Off to the Bus

I’m leaving soon for Newmarket for the weekend. Not feeling eager for the busing part of it. Carrying luggage around on the bus, subway and then another bus and then a longish walk to where I hope my sister will be at her place of work. Hopefully I won’t be waiting there ages. It’s really loud and noisy.

But, I am looking forward to the weekend. A weekend road warrior grrl. I will be borrowing the Camry so I can drive myself around to the bookstores, the movies with Zack and maybe some shopping. I am thinking to see what I can find at Zellers for packing more stuff away here while the house is for sale.

I don’t know if the work on the stairs will get done this weekend after all. The upstairs elephants are stalling on their final countdown. It was a week ago they said they would be gone. Then it dragged out to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Now it is the end of the month, the last hour of the last day. In theory at least. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have not vacated and given me the keys even after April has begun. It seems the law is all on their side. A tenant could get away with staying somewhere for an unlimited time, not paying rent, just using the landlord’s property for storage. You can’t flush them out like some annoying insect you find on the floor.

I don’t know how things will end up with this. I know that I am not staying here when I arranged to go to the movies with Zack. See ya!

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