Review: The Writing Diet

I am reading Julia Cameron’s book, The Writing Diet: Write Yourself Right-Size.

Already, I like this quote from the Prologue:

“As you lose weight, you will stop waiting for the magic wand that will transform your life. Instead, you will realize that the magic wand is actually a pen and that, pen in hand, you can transform your own life.”

Reading the book hasn’t done much for me. However, it’s not about the book or the ideas and advice inside the pages. I’m just not ready to put the work into changing. Change isn’t easy. Before you can even start you have to want it enough to make the change. I’m just not there. I have plenty of excuses/ reasons. All of them are valid in their own way. But, I know, the reality is not going to change and I would like to lose weight. I do have plenty to get rid of.

If you pick up Julia Cameron’s book, The Writing Diet, it can help you… if you let it. The ideas will work, but you still have to actually do them yourself.

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