Review: Creativity Now

Creativity Now: Get inspired, create ideas and make them happen now!

I bought this book last year. I wanted more creative ideas and inspiration. New things to try and build my own ideas from.

This book is a great way to get out of a rut, find a new idea, or a new spin on an old idea. If you want to start something new this book will give you many ways to get started, to look at things from a new direction and to think beyond the limits of your own mind.

One of the most creative things, that appealed to me on a personal level, was streetcombing.

“At the Creativity World Forum of 2008, Richard Stomp, innovation and strategy manager in the Netherlands, suggested that to be creative you should try ‘streetcombing’ – like beachcombing, but on the streets. … The very act of looking for interesting stuff to photograph causes a mind shift.”

Don’t stop to edit yourself, rethink what might be interesting to someone else, or wonder if you have the perfect shot. Use it as a time to explore your own mind, your interests and your creativity.

Creativity Now, by Jurgen Wolff.

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