Remember your Inferiority

I have been working on this business thing, self employment. Thinking I could handle all the stuff I kept piling on my plate. Last night my plate broke. This morning I picked up the pieces and super glued them back into a plate again. Then I had to talk to another person about my ideas and such and the plate is definitely showing signs of further mutiny.

I really thought I was coming to the point of ‘getting’ CSS but today I saw my site on another computer and it came out looking like a bomb hit it, poor thing. So, something is wrong in all my great and noble coding. I don’t even know what though. The saddest part is that I really thought I had that page done well. Maybe not as arty and perfect as I envisioned but it was good. The things I wanted to adjust were do-able. Now, I have seen it from another window and it must be massively revamped and adjusted and thrown up in the air and juggled like a pizza crust.

Also, there is a snag in the whole working with seniors thing. A woman I interviewed on the phone cause she has a business geared to seniors says that going to their homes could bring up a whole set of problems I had not even thought of in the least maggoty bit. Theft, or being accused of theft. If something goes missing, by accident or on purpose, who would most likely get blamed? Likely that strange geek woman they let into the house. Poor Granny can’t find her diamond tiara now, it must be thatgrrl!

I would hate to be in that situation. So, the senior plan is being rethought, possiblly to die a slow death or be re-worked. It’s kind of aggravating cause I thought I was on my way to being done the whole planning process. I was going to hand the whole thing in on Thursday, early and ahead of schedule. Now I will have to come up with new inventive and amazingly unique solutions. Luckily I’m good at that kind of thing. I’m good at a lot of odd things. Strangely enough.

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