Red Green’s Word Game

On the Red Green Show they have a skit where a word is chosen and Red Green tries to get the guest to say the word. Of course, it’s comedy and the word is not a secret at all. But, the guest is fed clues which lead to the word, pretty obviously, yet each guess is another way of looking at the clue. The actual word is only said at the very end as a mistake. If you have never seen Red Green is it not easily explained. But, it does make an interesting writing exercise.

Pick a word. Let’s say the word is ‘lemon’.

The first clue given is “Something sour.”

The answer is “My Mother-in-law.” (It is a guy show).

The next clue is “No, it grows on trees.”

The answer is “Well, it’s not money that’s for sure. Did I tell you about the time I tried to plant…”

“No, it’s something sour and yellow”

“My Uncle Bob. He stunk real bad too.”

And on it goes. Once you actually try to write it this is not so easy. If you see Red Green come on TV watch for the word game. They do it very well.

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