Really and Absolutely Getting Jealous of Sleeping Beauty

I can’t say I’ve missed the 9 to 5 thing, or the 8 to 4 thing as I’ve been doing this past week. But, that should be a little easier once I get that first magical pay cheque. I’m looking forward to that.

Getting up each morning is a bit of a chore so far. I feel silly and lazy and indolent to not be getting up considering I only have myself to hustle along. No kids to get to school. No husband or whoever to pat on the back and pretend I’m going to miss all day. Just myself to get dressed and out the door on time. It seems pretty self indulgent each morning to just lie there an extra 15 minutes, half an hour even, depending on how early I set the alarm clock. Who do I think I am afterall?

Still, there should be a few self indulgent people around. If only to make everyone else feel better for having better behaviour. All those people hopping off to work, self propelled, should have someone to compare themselves to so they know just how well they are doing. Imagine if everyone shot out to work like a bullet. No one would be able to think they were doing such a good and noble thing like getting out to work without being so lazy as to sleep in. Think how much nicer it is that those good people can congratulate themselves for being so organized and efficient. If not for me they’d have nothing to feel good about, in regards to their speed and good rat race ability. So, I’m just helping out, in any least little way I can. It’s really very nice of me to just lie in bed that extra time. Now don’t you all feel so much better?

Of course you do… Now just turn off that light on your way out… I’ve still got seven more minutes before I really and absolutely have to get out of bed.

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