Ready to Move

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” Albert Einstein.

Hopefully today is the day my Mom will arrive with the truck. It could be tomorrow though. I will be so glad to have the truck packed up and ready to go. I’m so ready to go, to get on the road and be away.

I’ve got everything ready really. Just a few odds and ends to finish up and I need to pack an overnight bag for along the road.

I’m still thinking about that scanner I saw at WalMart. It looks like its not available in Canada. But, it would be a bit bad to buy it now when there are so many other things more important which I need to spend money on. Yet, I would love to have a scanner for my websites. I could even scan in a nice looking picture of myself for the HerPlanet managers pages. All I have now is a horrible looking Immigration picture we took for all that paperwork. By the time we took that picture (one of twenty in the process) I had long ago stopped smiling.

Anyway, Todd is still in bed and I guess we will see what the day will bring. I’m going to make myself some coffee (still have coffee cream and ground beans, enough for another pot or two). It’s a nice kind of coffee too, French Vanilla Creme.

Ready To Move?

Looking around here I still have things to do. Always seems more to do than I at first thought. I forgot there are some Rubbermaid type containers under the bed. I think I had them almost empty at one point but I don’t remember for sure now. Todd is still sleeping so I will have to wait to pull them out later. Behind my chair right now is a green box full of stuff too. I forget what is in there, more paperness I know, but not what kind. Hopefully more that I can toss rather than keep. The pile of kept stuff is getting bigger than the throw away. Though its hard to be sure since the throw away is being tossed out at least once a day so its not stockpiled somewhere to be compared.

I can smell the coffee, brewed and ready for consumption. Funny how that was a deadly disease not so long ago.


For the second time in recent history I have poured cold water through the coffee grounds, thinking I had boiled it. But, I forgot to turn on the electric kettle and just assumed it was boiled after sufficient time and poured it through, only to watch the coffee come through looking like weak dishwater (or tea). I decided not to throw the grounds away, just hope it will still taste like coffee.

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