Reading Outside

It was a bit chilly to be outside reading today. But I was outside for awhile, taking some pictures and even reading too. So were Skye and Paul. I expect it’s warmer and sunnier where they are. Here are pictures of my reading place.

I had a bad run in with someone last evening and they only left this afternoon, after 2:00. I’m still feeling kind of upset but at least the jerk-bag is gone. It’s so rare that I get really mad. Afterwards I wonder how I looked. You can’t ever really see yourself that way. It’s not something you can duplicate in front of a mirror later on. Anyway, the funny thing is that after I lost it he actually seemed to make an effort to be less obnoxious. Of course, there will be fallout for the next week. I’m sure I will be reminded that I didn’t nicely follow all the rules of good hosting. Not that I invited him.

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