Re-evaluating my Commitments

Although I’m not getting a lot of progress on my book writing I am writing and working for several other sites plus a few of my own. I think I am stretching myself thin and working on projects which aren’t really giving me back enough for all the time and energy I put into them. I need to step back and think about which of them matter enough to keep working on.

Here is the list:

The Open Directory Project – heading the list for a reason.

BackWash – Bewitching Vagabond and Adult BackWash and several newsletters and a few communities there too.

Suite101 as a Contributing Writer. Featured Writers are what they now call those who dedicate themselves to keeping a topic going.

LockerGnome – Creative Fat Grrl which is one I think I will keep going.

There are and were others but I’ve already left them fall off the back burner. Some I would have liked to stick with. But, there is just so much you can do when it’s all freebie work. I count those ad share sites as freebie cause I’ve never seen a cent from Google or any other of those scam-sense things. BackWash is the only site that ever paid, but they went back to not paying.

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